Parish Council

The Parish Council have their own website – please check this for latest updates.

Parish Councils are paid from council tax. Each year the parish council sets its own budget, the higher the budget the more council tax has to be paid by each household. The exact amount depends upon the value of your house.  You can find the council tax band for a property on the council tax valuation website

In 2021/22 Bremhill Parish Council set their budget at £9,283, this is twice the precept in 2012 but only a very small increase over the preceding year. Bremhill ranks 101st (out of 254 parishes). The amount charged by Wiltshire’s Parish councils are second highest in the country at £23,900 where the mean across the country is £3,986. Bremhill Parish Council have their 2019/20 accounts published here

Our Wiltshire councillor is Ashley O’Neill (Conservative)

Your Parish Councillors are:
Colin Pearson Bremhill 07770 925899
Mr Chris Minty Bremhill 01249 470219
Mr John Harris Bremhill 01249 76040
Mr Terry Satchell Bremhill 01249 740656
Mr Arthur Ford Bremhill 01249 740237
M/s Carol Lewis East Tytherton 01249 740411
Mr Mike Rigby East Tytherton 01249 740371
Mr William Bailey East Tytherton 01249 740237
Mr Tom Glass Foxham 01249 740241
Mr David Wilton Foxham 01249 740279
Mr Richard Tucker: Chairman Foxham 01249 740274
Isabel McCord   01249 740686
Mr Kim Stuckey Tytherton Lucas 01249 740566
The secretary to the council is Sarah Gingell, tel: 07312 102190