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Bremhill Parish has many talented and efficient businesses. Please have a look at the list below and see if there is someone you can use to make your life easier.

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These businesses will appear as they appear in the book:


Boilerworks with Paul Charman

Mobile: 07855441821, Telephone: 01249740833,



The Dumb Post with Richard, Beth and the team

Telephone: 01249813192

Website, Facebook, Instagram.


Contemporary Painting with Judith Beeby

Mobile: 07889135874

Email, Instagram, Website


Bremhill Mowers with Colin

Mobile: 07770925899



Mobile: 07986145328, Telephone: 01249713808

Email, Website 


S Court Plumbing

Mobile: 07714171469


Pillow May Accountants

Telephone: 01249864001


Active plumbing

Telephone: 01249818811



Holiday Home with Jennifer Lamacraft

Mobile: 07770945080



Foxham Reading Room Village Hall & Free Library

Telephone: 01249740413 Mobile: 07767881359



County Wills 

Telephone: 01792840174



Afternoon Tea Crockery for Hire

Telephone: 01249815337


Perry Bishop with Caroline Ferris

Telephone: 01249470166, Mobile: 07971 244865



Wilkey Garden Machinery Services Limited 

Telephone: 01249740358, Mobile: 07970868824



TJS Storage with Jon

Telephone: 01249760144 Mobile: 07900587438

Email, Website


Nick Pocock Electrical 

Telephone: 01249461325, Mobile: 07967022446

Email, Website


Hither Garden Design with Sophie

Mobile: 07711951343

Email, Website


Connect Pilates with Susie

Mobile: 07932249871

Email, Website


Cross Country Tyres 

Telephone: 01249811145 

Email, Facebook


Marcus Anstie

Telephone: 01249720195


Holiday Lodge with Neil Viner

Telephone: 01249814095



The Baraka Catering Company with Camilla

Mobile: 07734215075

Email, Website


Physiotherapy with Diana Rodwell

Telephone: 01249813209


Andrew Wilkins

Telephone: 01249740377 Fax: 01249740553 Mobile: 07702332109

Email, Website

Foxham Inn

Telephone: 01249740665

Email, Website, Twitter, Facebook